Studio Walk The Line Recording StudioLocation: Aichi, JAPAN


No Grandeur In Size, But Highly Professional Recording Studio In American Style

Located in Japan, Studio Walk The Line is owned and operated by a music production company/labels managed by a composer/producer/engineer. The studio was initially made for its in-house production, So the facility is professional through and through. We had room acoustics made/designed by the nation's leading studio designing company. All rooms have astounding sound proof that enables any loud session at any time. Especially our Live Room sounds wonderful. Drums, Guitars, Vocals all get great results. Also we design/installed fat power current system using selected power cables and power trance units, even power outlets have been test-selected, and all carefully installed by a electric technician of the studio designing company. Ample Cat6 Gigabit LAN are wired throughout the studio. Thus basic faculty of the studio is very strong. And we are making better the studio day by day. Overall, Studio Walk The Line is professionally well-equipped music recording studio that keeps growing.

With regards to size, Studio Walk The Line is not a large studio. Relatively a compact 3-room studio, facilitating 1 Control Room, 1 Live Room with a drum kit and amps, and a Machine Room with many computers. In a way physically you could say only the necessary was configured. There may not be grandeur in size, its ability is very professional and creative!

It's also noted that Studio Walk the Line is an American style studio. Well-experienced in the studio sessions in America and North America, the owner created this studio for the productions in the US market in mind. So any musicians from overseas can be very comfortable with the feel that all their energy should simply be spent on their music only.

Now Studio Walk The Line Is Open For Outside Projects. Our Attitude :Just To Make Great Music

Although Studio Walk The Line is a music label-owned studio, we thought it's not bad to share this studio's capability with local musicians. It's owner's passion and joy to make available the Studio to general musicians (with some sort of professional music involvement) looking for a professional recording studio.

We think we set a reasonable rate for any talented musicians can afford. The only reason why we set rates reasonable is that we want any talented musicians to set out for the world and give all of us great music. It's our mission to give great music to the world. It doesn't matter if the music is ours, mine or yours or the one of some one somewhere unknown. We are doing music because we love the music. That's the whole point.

Leave behind everything else but music at the door of Studio Walk The Line. All you do and all we do in our studio is just to make music!

Policies For Outside Users

We have basically no definite policies about creative proceedings happening inside the studio. The only policy may be that we make only hi quality music that we believe in. We set a very high standards about the music that we produce for our music label. Although this high standards don't necessarily apply to the outside projects we take up, still we want to keep our pride in what we do. That's why we don't accept all projects that come in.

Our acceptance of projects depends on various factors, which may be the project's contents, our interests, studio's availability, etc.

We always first listen to the materials of potential clients , and then also considering other elements involved with the project, decide whether we take the project or not.

But please don't bother. Usually, mostly irrespective of the music genre, if the music is creative and good, we are going to take as many projects as possible within the limit of availability.

Studio Features At A Glance

  • Very ample and steady, well-conditioned, well-configured, quality power current throughout the Studio.
  • Hi-end Sound Proof. (Problem-free in the midnight sessions with thundering Electric Guitars and Big Drum banging!)
  • Great-sounding Live Room. Great for drums and guitars and also vocals, too!
  • Wealth of cool professional tools: Hardware outboards, a great-sounding (DW) Drum Kit, percussion instruments, old school sound modules, cool effectors, Host Applications, Software Instruments, Effects Plug-ins: Waves, Rodger Nichols, PSP, Antares etc., and great ears!
  • Experienced in-house engineer. In-house engineer is a composer musician/engineer. So he gives high regards to creativity. Welcome challenging music!
  • Session musician available.
  • Parking available.
  • Reasonable rates.

For details about Studio Walk The Line's professional features like huge and fat professional power current environment, hi-end sound proof and ear-candy Live Room acoustics, etc., go to "Studio Feature" page, please.

I hope you enjoy making good music in our studio. And don't forget music is all about passion.


Studio Walk The Line
Managing Director, Composer/Songwriter/Engineer
Jim Masanori Kojima

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