Studio Walk The Line Recording StudioLocation: Aichi, JAPAN

Studio Features

For professional studios, basic abilities, which must fill what music professionals' demands, are very important as a facility. They should include the room acoustics/sound proof of the rooms, well-conditioned power supply, thorough wiring, steady tracking /mixing system, and installation of  necessary pro equipments.

Power Source of Quality = Steady, Low Noised, Fat Sound

Studio Walk The Line is armed with a quality power circuit. There is an exclusive 200V power line (breaker) just for pro audio equipments and it's further separated into 4 trance units, making 100V or 117V out of 200V, categorized respectively as to the sorts of use (example: PCs, digital gears, analog gears etc.)

Also the Studio uses selected fat-core cables. Then at the end placed test-selected power outlets that each suits its own application.

Audio Trance units

In this way all the power supply inside the Studio is fully optimized for audio, being kept very steady and reliable with a good S/N ratio and a dynamic range. And there should be no power shortage problem at least inside the Studio's power circuit. So players always can concentrate on his or her performance.

Great Sound Proof

Sound-proof AcousticsStudio Walk The Line boasts an excellent sound proof. It's so good that there is no worry about midnight drum sessions. Perfect sound proof is guaranteed. It's also been well taken care of that thick sound proof won't kill the live sound in the control/live room. Each room was adjusted to its applications, with movable acoustic boards furnished in the walls.

Good-sounding Live Room

DW kit in Live roomWell, it's good news that Studio Walk The Line has a very good-sounding live room. In the real world, sometimes or often, live room sound may get less impressive, no matter how cleverly you design the room. Fortunately Studio Walk The Line's live room actually sounds fantastic. Guitar sounds with good air. Drums sounds tight and well balanced. Vocals are tracked fat and clean. Hear it to believe it.

Great instruments Good To Go

Live room is not only good-sounding but geared with great instruments chosen and adjusted by specialized musician/engineer. Studio's default Drum set is famous DW Collector's Drum kit. It sounds rich and powerful and fit for any genres. We have 2 types of Kick beaters to choose to your taste. And also have several snares for variations (Sonor, etc.) and many sticks, first-rate percussion instruments (tambourine, cabasa, claves etc.)Great instruments

Guitar & Bass department has Fender '57 Vintage Strat, Fender Dimension Bass, Ovation Legend 6-string steel, Martin D-15. We are planning to get more into our collection. Amp rigs are Marshall 800, Line6 Duoverb, Trace Elliot Bass Head, etc. This area is also planned for expansion.

150 + Track Counts In 96khz

96khz 150trk + DAWStudio Walk The Line boats high track counts capable of handling Film music projects. Four powerful computers are ready for tracking and mixing big projects using more than 100 tracks. They playback in sample-accurate sync and each loaded with many software instruments and professional FX plug-ins. The Studio has multiple LCDs so that operators can monitor each computer without a hitch. Track counts don't guarantee quality in music but are surely helpful.

Musician Engineer Is Ready

View from Engineer's seat in Control roomIn-house engineer is musician/composer/engineer. So he really understands what is musical and also what is good as a professional mix. And more importantly he knows how important your musical ideas are. So actually what he does is to serve the creator in the most helpful ways. He will make the mix that you desire.

Cat6 LAN Running In Every Room, Computer Interface In The Live Room

LAN wall plate

As a precaution for future digital format using LAN cables, for computer networking and for interface extension, Studio Walk The Line is fully wired with high quality Cat6 LAN cables.


In the live room, installed is a set of the computer interfaces: a LCD, a keyboard, and a mouse. You can play along a Film picture or a promotion video or simply a tracking/mixer window.

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