Studio Walk The Line Recording StudioLocation: Aichi, JAPAN

Equipment List

Studio Walk The Line is growing its gears day by day. This is a brand-new facility founded in 2006 and started in 2008! Although we already think our gears are almost sufficient to make a great mix in the essential level, we certainly want to make better to satisfy professional ears, and renew our equipment list. So stay tuned!

However watch out, great gears don't make you a great recording. Okay you need certain pro equipments. However it's always ears and minds that make your music better!

Equipment Fee Table REGULAR equipment

INCLUDED in the regular Basic Studio Time fee or other Service fees. So FREE to use for all Basic Studio Time users.

Use/Operation is limited to in-house engineers.

OPTIONAL equipment

NOT INCLUDED in the regular Basic Studio Time Fee.
There is an optional charge to use.

Please see "Services/Rates" page for details.


We abide by the software license, the operation of the software listed here is limited to the Studio's in-house engineer which means the licensee of the software.

Dear user is responsible for any damage by the user to any instruments or equipments or the facility itself of Studio Walk The Line while he or she is using them. Actual repair fee to reinstate the damaged instruments must be paid by the user.

So handle the studio and its gears with care, please!

Main Hardware

*Basically operation is limited to the in-house engineer.

Monitor Speaker EVENT 20/20 p
Headphone Sony MDR-7607s, Equation Audio RP-21
Console/Mixer SSL X-Desk (NEW!), Tascam DM24
Sub Mixer Mackie LM3204
Microphone Audio Technica AT4040 x2, AKG C4000B, Sontronics STC-1, STC-2, Shure SM57 x 2, SH55, Sennheiser MD421mkII, Rode NT-1 etc.
Recorder Sony PCM-R500 DAT Recorder, TEAC Double Cassette Recorder
Multi-track Recorder ALESIS ADAT XT 8 track Recorder
Mic-Pre/Channel Strip Focusrite ISA 828 (8ch), Drawmer 1960
Dynamics Focusrite Compounder, DBX 160A x2
Effects Board TC Electronics M-3000 Reverb, Roland SDE-330 Delay, SDX-330, Korg A1 Reverb
Accessories Steadman Pro Screen, K&M, Hercules stands, Furman/ETA power modules, Oyaide trance units, etc. all professional accessories.


*Operation is limited to the in-house engineer.

Main Computers Athlon64 X2 4600 PC, Athlon64 3600 PC, Athlon64 3200 PC, Athlon XP 2700 PC
Sub Computers Mac G4 Ethernet, G3
Audio Interface RME HDSP9652 x 4 (for all main PCs), Steinberg MR816 X (NEW!), VSL2020, Emu 1202 PCI, etc.
Host Applications Nuendo3, Cubase 5 (NEW!), SX3, Cubase SL3, Digital Performer, WaveLab 5, V-Stack, CD Architect
Software Instruments (VSTi) and Sample Libraries

*For the reason regarding software license, the use of the software is limited to the in-house engineer (which means the licensee of the software.)
EW Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra XP Pro Full Set (+ PLAY Plus full set), XP Gold, EW Quantum Leap Symphonic Choir, EW Colossus, EW SD, EW QL RA, EW Percussive Adventure 1 & 2, NI Komplete 4, Giga Studio 3 Orchestra, Emu Emulator X, Spectrasonics Trilogy, Stylus RMX, BFD, BFD Exp. Libraries, DFH Superior, Custom & Vintage, Drums Overkill, Virsyn TERA 3, IL Poizone, Real Guitar, Halion 3, Chris Hein Horns, Quantum Leap Piano (PLAY), The Grand, Galaxy Steinway 5.1, Boesendorfer 290, Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra Full Set, Roland Orchestra Library Full Set, IK SampleTank 2, Sonic Synth 2, Samplemoog, Arturia Jupiter 8V, Brass, Korg Legacy Digital Edition, Vertigo, Latino, Vir2 Syntax, Vir2 Acoustic Legend HD, REX2 libraries, Custom libraries, etc.
Plug-in FX WAVEs plug-ins (Diamond Bundle, V-Series Bundle, GTR 3.0, IR-1, Tune LE, etc.), Virsyn Reflect, PSP Vintage Warmer, Nitro, MD 601 Multi Delay, Mix Pack1 & 2, Stereo Pack, IK CSR, Amplitube2, Amplitube Fender, Amplitube Metal, Amplitube Jimmy Hendrix, Ampeg SVX, T-Racks, NI Spectral Delay, NI Guitar Rig 3, Altiverb, Wizooverb, NI Guitar Combos, Guitar Rig 2, Spectral Delay, Ohm force Frohmage, Crysonic plug-ins, Wizoo PiWarp, TC Powercore mk1 & 2 Bundle, etc.

Musical Instruments

Drum Set DW Collector Series Drum kit (BD 22", FT 16", Tom 13", 14")
Snares DW Collector Series 14" snare, Sonar Designer's Series
Cymbals Paiste 16" Signature Crash, Zildjian K Series HH & Crash, Sabian Crash & Ride etc.
Drum Accessories DW Hardware, DW 5000AD Delta3 Kick Pedal, DW 6000 Series HH Pedal, Evans Mute Tools, many Vater/Vic Firth/Zildjian sticks, etc.
  Percussion Rhythmtech shaker, Playwood cabasa, claves, Tambourine etc.
Electric Guitars Electric Guitars A Fender '54 Vintage Series Strat
Electric Guitars B Fender Highway 1 Strat, PRS Santana SE
Electric Bass Bass Guitars Fender Dimension Bass
Amp Guitar Amps Marshall JCM 800 Slash, Line6 Duoverb, Pod ver1, Trace Elliot Velocette, Dan Electro Nifty Fifty, Matchless PR-1, Roland GP-1
Bass Amps Trace Elliot GP7SM 130w Amp Head, Hartake Kickback
Acoustic Guitars Acoustic 6-String Steel Guitars Martin D-15, Ovation Vintage 1963 Legend (refurbished)
Acoustic Piano for Recording
Upright Acoustic Piano Yamaha Upright Piano
  Synth Keyboards Korg 01/W Pro X, Roland D50
  Synth Modules Emu E-Synth Rack, Roland JD990, R-8 mkII, Novation Bass Station, ALESIS D5 etc

The charge for the use of the Drums includes that for the whole set and accessories.

There is a fee for using Acoustic Upright Piano for recording.
You are charged only when you record the piano. There is no charge in your plucking notes or playing some or checking your vocal pitch etc. for your studio work. Also when you hire our Session Pianist, you are not charged the use fee.

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