Studio Walk The Line Recording StudioLocation: Aichi, JAPAN



We are accepting reservation for Studio Walk The Line. Please see the conditions below and feel free to e-mail us.

Also, please go see User Guide before you read on in this page and make reservations.


  • Recording and/or Mixing session is limited to music production.
  • The project is for professional purpose only (major/indie/publisher/film, multimedia/demo etc.).
  • EX.
    To make an audio CD/recording/mix for a recording label (independent or major).
    To make an audio demo CD/recording/mix for music publisher/recording label/or any professional venue( multimedia, film, game, radio station, etc.).
    To make an audio CD/recording/mix to sell at a live house.
  • We must agree with the music and/or nature of your project.
  • We may refuse projects for our own reasons.

Studio Reservation Time Table


From Nov 1, Mon, 2008
To March 31, Tue, 2009

Please e-mail us to check the latest availability. Thank you.

Reservation Reception

E-mail (Reservation): (English only)


We accept e-mails only in Text format. Never send any HTML format, etc., please!

We may refuse the projects on our own reasons: schedule is filled fully, or projects don't fit our studio etc.

Usually we can reply your e-mail the same day (or within 2-3 days). So even if you are hurrying your projects, we can answer instantly.

In your your e-mail, please don't forget to include your contact phone number, address, E-mail address, your desired session dates for reservation, and the info on your project content.

Thank you for your interest.

Please feel free to contact us!