Studio Walk The Line Recording StudioLocation: Aichi, JAPAN


You can contact us anytime for any questions, availability, etc. However we laid out some popular questions below for your instant reference.

Q: ["Do you accept any other services than those listed?"]

A: Usually yes. We work hard to be flexible in order to answer many kinds of professional needs. We do from only CD burning, to Noise removal, Mastering to your specific needs (like making louder your mixes, or, cross-fading between songs, or any possible audio editing) etc. Please contact us and explain your needs.

Q: ["Do you rent your space for a band practicing?"]

A: No. This facility is designed as a recording studio and works as a recording studio, but not a rental space. In other words, our studio is way more professional, being designed for professionally demanding situations.

Q: ["Can I bring my engineer?"]

A: Usually it's not our way of working. As our regulations state it, the studio operation is limited to our house engineer. However, you can consult us. In some cases we may accept under some conditions.